At Theta Financial Reporting, technical, practical and commercial knowledge come together to give you the expert support you need in resolving your financial reporting challenges: current or new IFRS, UK GAAP, US GAAP Asset finance & leasing, financial instruments, financial instrument impairments, structuring transactions, deal related transactions and due-dilligence or structured product development – we can help you through all stages.

We have a wide range of experience of helping clients resolve complex financial reporting issues across the financial and non-financial sectors.

We have deep experience in the new IFRS 9 Impairments rules and IFRS 16 Leases and have been involved in early projects and developing market approach and pragmatic solutions.  As we have the experience from doing this before, we can provide you the best advice and support in the actual ‘doing’ rather than just tell you what you need to do.

With over twenty years of experience both in the financial and non financial sectors and from working in practice, industry and banks, we have a wider view of the challenges you face, rather than just from the role of advisors and can add real value to you.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to provide you the support and insight exactly how and where you need it.

Chris Biggs, FCA

Chris Biggs leads our services and has a wide range of experience across both FS and non FS clients.

He has specialised in providing clients with advisory services addressing complex GAAP including financial instruments, impairments and asset finance & leasing.  He also has considerable experience in commercial asset finance and lease structuring.

His twenty years of experience includes the last ten years as a Director in a Big 4 firm, leading their accounting advisory support to banking and asset finance clients.

From numerous full time secondments to major global banks and retail banks (including Treasury, Structured Finance trading desks, Financial Reporting, Chief Accountant, Financial Governance, leading IFRS 9 early adoption projects) and with roles outside of practice including two years with the World Bank in the USA, Chris is very well placed to combine both his ‘in practice’ technical and client advisory expertise; he understands what being on the other side of ‘the desk’ really means and what clients value.