Whether it’s a sudden need to provide cover for unexpected staff changes, specialist resources needed for a project, support for a period of strategic change, surge resources or medium term resource solutions, we are able to provide you the support exactly how and when you need it.

We have a range of specialist individuals at all levels from technical accounting specialists through to very experienced change management directors.

Our pool of talented individuals are all people we have personally selected based on their experience and most importantly our experience of them – they are therefore people we trust to support you.

Our solutions are agile and flexible as needed and generally fall into two solution models:

Short term ‘surge’ resources

Our range of experienced and talented individuals are ideal to provide you the short term/ temporary solution to your resource needs, whether it arises from departures from within your team, temporary absences or surge needs arising from projects or sudden demands.  We normally operate on a secondment model, providing you the skills and experience you need exactly where and when you need them.

Medium term contractors

Whether it’s to complete a specific project, to help you through a period of change or provide you cover for longer periods of need, we are able to provide you the talented individuals needed.  Operating on a contract basis through us, this solution provides you the experienced individuals you can trust for longer periods whilst not impacting your head count and providing you the flexibility you need.